Pyrrhus "Red" (also called Neoptolemus "New Warrior"), son of Achilles and Deidamia.

Pyrrhus is known to have red hair, the same as his father Achilles, and to love the color red, often dressing in a red tunic and mantle, just as his father did.

It is said that Pyrrhus had a brother, named Oneiros (Source: Ptolemaeus Chennus 138 AD)

Conceived out of wedlock by Achilles and Deidamia in a scandalous affair while Achilles was in hiding on Scyros. Perhaps this was what led to Achilles true identity first being known? Followed then by the trick of Odysseus.

Age at time of Trojan War: Possibly 18 years old at time of the Tenth Year of the Trojan War.