Paris also called Alexander, the son of Priam, king of Troy, by his wife Hecuba, a queen of Troy.

One of some 76 known children of Priam.

When Paris was about to be born, his half brother Aesacus (a bastard born to a low born) came to the palace and declared a prophecy that the child born must be sacrificed or doom would fall on Troy. A priestess of Apollo (a special prophetess who did not wash nor keep herself) echoed the words, flying into a trance at the court. Aesacus had a large following as a prophet, and Priam feared disobeying a powerful and potential usurper, he created a ruse by which a child was sacrificed publicly but Paris was given to Agelaus, the cheif herdsman to care for. When Agelaus came home to his village, the villagers asked where did he find the child? For they knew Agelaus' wife died childless. Agelaus made up a miraculous story about finding Paris in the wild on Mount Ida, his parents killed by a wild bear. Carrying Paris home in a satchel he called him Paris "pera/pack".

Paris was known to be beautiful and intelligent.

As a young man he fought off a gang of cattle thieves and returned the cattle they had stolen and recieved the name Alexander "protector of men" by the people of Agelaus' village.

Paris married a girl, Oenone "wine woman" , from a village on Mount Ida.

Paris began a sport, pitting the bulls of Agelaus against each other in fights for the villagers to enjoy. When one bull began to win consistently, he pitted it against rival villages, offering a golden crown to any who could defeat his bull. (Some say that it was to Sparta that Paris took the bull and there it fought Ares' favoured Menelaus's bull)

Agelaus often told Paris that in life a man must choose between three things, Power, Victory or Love. (A king, a warrior, or a lover) but he can not choose all three. Paris asked Agelaus what did Agelaus devote himself to? Agelaus said Power (being the chief herder, having been made lame in a war, and losing his love to sickness. The only thing he see's himself as successful in is power.) Paris decided that he would devote himself to love.

When he saw Helen in Sparta, he loved her and they left together. Starting the Trojan war.

Helen and Paris marry, and when they return to the Troas, Paris rejects his first wife Oenone.