Oenone (pronounced E-no-knee), the daughter of Cebren, a local chieftain from Mount Ida in Phrygia.

Paris and Oenone met at a sacred festival where Oenone served wine, and played her pan flute and danced. Paris was enraptured, and that night returning home he asked Agelaus what he should do. Agelaus told Paris to choose wisely, for a man gets only one of three things Power, Love or Glory. If he chooses something other than what the gods want (in Agelaus' case he felt his love for his wife to be wrong in the eyes of the gods so they took her away so he could become the chief herdsman), they will take it away.

Paris then set out to woo Oenone, whose father Cebren offers this as a dowry, for Paris to defeat local cattle thieves that have plagued them. Paris does so, but is wounded greatly in the battle. Oenone heals Paris. They are married and have a son.

Son by Paris: Corythus

Enraged and bitter that Paris has left her for Helen, Oenone raises her son Corythus as a great warrior, and when word reaches her that the Acheans cannot find Troy, she send Corythus as a mercenary to the court of Aggememnon, to guide the Acheans to Troy.

When Paris is mortaly wounded, he asks to be taken to Oenone for she is a great healer. Brought before Oenone, he begs her healing, but she denies him, and Paris dies outside her hut. The local shepherds build a funeral pyre, and as Paris burns Oenone in her sorrow throws herself into the flames.

Paris said of her: "She smelled of the wildflowers that grew in the old forrests of the mountain, and her eyes sparkled like the water that comes from a spring. Her skin was soft and cool to the touch."

"Oenone had a beauty of a summer field, warm and soft, but Helen possessed the cold majesty and beauty of the stars."